Welcome to Red Dog Ads
We deliver ads to you when you want them and we pay you for your time. Yes, we think your time is valuable and understand you are tired of being interrupted by unwanted ads. This can be irritating and isn’t getting any better. We would like to give you the ability to make money for your time viewing ads and, if you so wish, donate it to charities you are passionate about. You can also pocket the cash for a rainy day!

Meet the TEAM

Jon Seymour – Co-Founder, CEO – Advertising and Marketing background- Changing the advertising model to promote that everyone’s time is valuable and want to give everyone the power to be a part of making a difference for the better.

Lincoln Coutts – Co-Founder, Director of Strategy and Development – Exec Career Coach | Lecturer | Consultant background


Brian Willetts – Thomas Fredrick Willetts Foundation, CEO

Cliff Hinrichs – NED/Venture Partner/ex-Google

Gerard Loughran – Pret a Manger, Franchise owner UK, US, Ireland

Tom Buehlmann – Cint Insights, CEO