Introduce a new direct way for advertisers to find and connect with consumers. This new platform will deliver relevant adverts when the consumer is most open to receive them and take action. The objective is to provide a better experience for consumers and provide a more effective platform for advertisers.

Advertisers are having a hard time communicating with potential customers. This is due to the rejection of advertising that interruption the customer’s entertainment content or online experience. This is amplified and reinforced by:
– Advertising blocking technology that is heavily used by the X, Y, Z generations.
– The ability for consumers to purchase their entertainment content directly without advertising.

– The changing consumers viewing habits with so many direct channels.
– Click fraud and bots, fraud costing advertisers money, and lost opportunity.
– Inappropriate content, having advertising appear on sites or next to content that is harmful to the advertiser’s brand image.
– Search and Voice search are not a friend of the brand or product because it delivers results that dilute brand preference.

Consumers have an expectation to see advertisements in traditional media channels but when it comes to their personal accounts in social media they feel that the site and the advertisers are taken advantage of them. This feeling of being overwhelmed by advertising is now affecting the way they view all advertising including traditional channels promoting the opted-out culture.

Be the Champion of the consumer by recognising that their time is valuable. Deliver advertising directly to them and pay them for their time. Give consumers the tools to place value on their time and to give advertisers the ability to connect and engage with consumers. Red Dog Ads also provide an easy way to donate consumer’s earnings to charities they are passionate about supporting.