Register with Red Dog Ads.
Fill in as much information as you feel comfortable providing. This information will never be shared with anyone. It will help Red Dog Ads match your information with the audience the advertisers would like to reach. So the more info you provide, the better targeted the advertisements will be.

View ads that you receive through Red Dog Ads emails.
There will be up to 5 ads a week and each ad is about 30 seconds. This could take around 2 to 3 minutes of your time each week.

Get paid for your time.
You get a payment for each ad you view through completion. We also make it very easy to donate this money to your favorite charities.

What’s in it for Red Dog Ads

We at Red Dog Ads, think we can do a lot more good empowering a group of like-minded people than going it on our own. Red Dog Ads pays consumers 80% of what is charged to the advertiser. The remaining 20% funds the development and management of the platform.

100% of the money consumers donate to their selected charities is deposited with the charities.

Red Dog Ads is totally transparent in how the platform works and the dispersal of funds raised and donated.